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Specifications:Anthocyanidins 25% / flavonoids 5%

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Elderberry extract from the honeysuckle family elderberry SambucuswilliamsiiHance. It contains phenolic acid, triterpenoid aglycones and other active ingredients. It has pharmacological activities such as anti-osteoporosis, promoting fracture healing, anti-inflammation, anti-virus, anti-oxidation and improving immune activity. It is widely used in cosmetics to moisturize the skin and have beauty effects. The ingredients such as elderin and mucilage have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching functions, and can be used in shampoo and hair care daily necessities.
Source plant
【 Basic source 】 is the honeysuckle elderberry SambucuswilliamsiiHance. The stem branches.
[Alias] Fair old, horse urine SAO, continued bone, elderberry, iron bone powder and so on.
【 Distribution 】 Mainly produced in Jiangsu Province. In addition, Fujian, Sichuan, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other places are also produced.
【 Plant Morphology 】 Elderberry, deciduous shrub or small tree, 2 to 4 meters high. The branches are grayish brown, multi-branched, with longitudinal ribbed, pith developed. Odd pinnate compound leaves opposite; Leaflets 7~9, oblong to ovate-lanceolate, 4~11 cm long, 2~4 cm wide, apex long acuminate, base oblique broadly cuneate, margin serrate, glabrous on both sides, odorous when crushed. Panicles oval, flowers white to yellowish white; Calyx campanulate, sepals 5; Corolla synpetalous 5-lobed; Pistil 5; Stamen 5. The berry fruit is spherical, dark purple or red, with 3 to 5 nuclei. Flowering period May - June, fruit period June - September.


(1)Elderberry oil has good permeability to human skin, easy to be absorbed by the skin, and the cream and honey cosmetics made of it are applied on the skin surface quickly to form a uniform film, smooth and not greasy, and the skin feels very good.
(2) (2) Elderberry oil not only has good UV absorption performance but also has excellent emulsifying ability. Cosmetics formulated with elderberry oil are stable with little or no emulsifier.

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